Padua: EffectsPlus Cluster Workshop on Exploitation

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IMG_1321 On September 6th 2012, PASSIVE was presented at the Effectsplus 3rd ClusterWorkshop covering Exploitation and Impact by Eamonn Power. The workshop included talks from Nick Wainwright from HP, Massimo Canducci from Engineering and host of presenters from both industry and academia.

The workshop was co-located with SecureComm2012 and was focused on exploitation and impact of the results of FP7 Security and Trust research projects. Discussion topics included time to market, intelectual property transfer models, the impact of licensing, project impacts happening within and outside the life of a project and the use of project results by different parties.

Waterford: General Meeting

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On Tuesday 27th March 2012, the PASSIVE partners held the general meeting in Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. The agenda covered three days of technical workshop and a day plenary session.


Malaga: General Meeting

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On January 24th to 26th 2012, the PASSIVE consortium held their general meeting in University of Malaga, Spain. The agenda items were mainly around the technology that had been developed and integration plans. A primary presentation was given by the hosts on their Monitoring System.


Prague: Alucid Workshop

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The PASSIVE project has been working toward integrating new and innovative solutions for user identification and management. In support of this, PASSIVE consortium partner ANECT have contributed intellectual property and knowledge in the form of Alucid (


This electronic identity solution allows users to authenticate with secure tokens. The form of token is based on a the security requirements for the given identity and as such the entire system is designed with integration and flexibility in mind. ANECT held a workshop in its Prague Offices demonstrating Alucid integration techniques and usage scenarios.

Brussels: FI Cluster Meeting

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While the PASSIVE General Meeting was happening, one of the project participants (Patrick Phelan, WIT-TSSG) was presenting an invited technical panel session at the Future Internet Cluster Meeting in Brussels.

The slides can be found here. The Sail Project have a written account of the meeting also.

Pisa: PoFI 2011

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On June 9th 2011, PASSIVE  was presented at the PoFI 2011 (Policies for the Future Internet) Workshop co-located with Policy 2011 at CNR in Pisa.

“The workshop aims at bringing together different people (researchers, engineers and practitioners) from various EU projects on security, trust, and dependability to present and discuss interesting ongoing scientific work on security policies for Service Oriented Architectures.”

This workshop provided a space in which the technical efforts in policy, trust, security and dependability of various research initiatives could be shared and allowed the researchers to propose possible future collaborations.

The presentations given on the day can be accessed on the workshop site. This workshop was part of the ongoing work of EffectsPlus.

Rome: Architecture Technical Meeting

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Rome MeetingOn the 21st to 23rd March 2011, the members of Work Package 3 (Architecture for Access Rights Model, Authentication and Identity) met in Rome at the offices of Engineering (ENG). Items discussed included Architecture Overview, Module Interfaces, Security and Access Policies, Resource Control, Monitoring, Metering and Authentication and Identity.

Workshop Launch: STAVE 2011

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PASSIVE is proud to announce the launch of the 1st International Workshop on Security & Trust for Applications in Virtualised Environments (STAVE 2011).

This workshop will take place as part of STA 2011 ( which will be held in Crete, Greece from the 28th – 30th June 2011.

The Call for Papers is open to areas such as:

  • Security and Integrity of virtualisation environments
  • Implications of virtualization for eGovernment, eHealth
  • Management and control of virtualized server farms for security
  • Analytics and Forensics in a virtualised environment
  • Instrumentation and control of virtualization
  • Enhancing privacy and anonymity using virtualization
  • Virtualization within a overall security and trust framework
  • Management and Policy languages for virtualized environments
  • Identity management
  • Policy Compliance Verification (Legal, Jurisdiction)

For more information, see

London: Advisory Board Meeting

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On the 11th November 2010, the Project Advisory Board assembled for its first meeting. The board consists of representatives from Bird & Bird, Grant Thornton and Intel.

The Project Advisory Board (PAB) consists of a small number of individuals with special knowledge of the field of e-Government and supporting technologies. These members, while not full members of the consortium, advise the project in a voluntary capacity, particularly in the area of requirements gathering and review of project outcomes.

It was an excellent session covering recently completed deliverables and plans for the coming months of work. The session chair-person, Patrick Phelan of WIT, thanked all in attendance, especially Bird & Bird who hosted the meeting.

PASSIVE in the media

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The news that PASSIVE is running has been picked up by a number of media outlets.

Here is the press release on the TSSG (WIT) website.

ACM TechNews also picked it up.

The Irish Examiner published an interview with Patrick Phelan (WIT) on the 22nd October 2010.