STAVE 2011


Welcome to the 1st International Workshop on ‘Security & Trust for Applications in Virtualised Environments’ (STAVE 2011) in conjunction with The 8th FTRA International Conference on Secure and Trust Computing, data management, and Applications, 28-30 June 2011 in Greece

Virtualisation technologies offer many benefits to IT organisations today and into the future. These technologies allow organisations to increase the utilisation of their IT infrastructure while lowering the overall costs of ownership and accelerating the return on investment.

As virtualisation increases the sharing of compute, network and I/O resources with multiple users and applications in order to drive higher utilisation rates, this replaces the traditional physical isolation boundaries with virtual ones. This fundamental change in isolation boundaries introduces new risk vectors for data leakage, cross-contamination as well as new requirements for the auditing and monitoring of such virtualised systems.

In order to allow the deployment of e-Government, e-Health or other application services that use, store, and process highly sensitive data, there are a number of significant, common, complex issues which must be addressed by virtualisation technologies and solutions which have particular relevance:

  • Compliance with legal frameworks for data protection and privacy
  • Identity management between different governmental services.
  • Security and Trust aspects of using virtualisation in a distributed environment.
  • Policy mapping (existing security and trust systems with virtualisation solutions).
  • Management of risks and policy compliance verification.

The 1st International Workshop on ‘Security & Trust for Applications in Virtualised Environments’ (STAVE 2011) will bring together industry executives, seasoned managers, agencies representatives, expert researchers and senior subject matter experts from a broad array of application and technical areas, and government officials who are concerned with security and trust in virtualised environments. It will draw out common themes, problems and issues that are encountered, and the solutions that have been devised to deal with the problems of securing virtualised environments and compliance with government regulations. It will aim to provide the basis for a common understanding and common approaches to security and trust that synthesises the insights and best of breed solutions being developed in the diverse areas in which these problems are encountered.

The workshop chairs wish to thank at this point the authors of presented papers and speakers for their fine and interesting contributions. Finally, our warmest thanks to the organizing committee of STA 2011 and in particular to the Program Chairs for the ‘Security and Trust Computing’ Track, Dr. Taeshik Shon and Prof. Costas Lambrinoudakis for making STAVE 2011 possible.

Thank you and enjoy the workshop!

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